Sunday, February 21, 2016

Covering Cover Matters

A day last summer I was surfing the web to see if my first book, Dex Territory, was getting any love. I came upon a website that “helps” authors by pointing out bad book covers and embarrasses them in 
hopes they will be so grateful the author will use them to create a new cover. I published through a small press and while I had input into the cover, I didn’t have control. Yet, my editor hit me up and suggested I wasn’t marketing well. My sales weren’t so great. I work in the business world and I have built strong networks and as an author I was getting there with steady progress. I felt I had a good book. It was well reviewed, technically sound, the story was fun and superheroes were red hot. I had a unique angle and it’s a fast-paced book that’s not difficult to polish off. I have strong characters, it’s sexy and action-packed and it’s packed with snappy, snark-filled dialog and the book was very funny. The thing practically sold itself. My editor and I believed in Dex Territory even with the bug-nuts crazy title.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Book Mail from Canada

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find what came in the mail for me all the way from Canada. I had won the #Stillwart giveaway by +Morning Rain Publishing last year, for which I had myself been a blog host (the giveaway was open to everyone). The giveaway prizes were a lovely spiral-bound notebook themed on The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, a book tote and a bookmark from Morning Rain Publishing. I love the notebook very much that I do not plan on using it. :D And the bookmark is very simple and elegant, precisely the style I like.