Monday, April 11, 2016

Quick Five with Kara S Tyler

It's a hot summer day here and Kara S Tyler joins me over an email conversation to talk about her latest book - Ninja and Bunny's Great Adventure. I've been reading this wonderfully illustrated book over the week and have loved it so far. I have my review coming up soon but for now, let me introduce Kara and her book !

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A Little about Kara..

Kara S Tyler
Kara S Tyler is the real world name of author Pavarti K Tyler.  As Pav, her books have spanned genres and won many awards, however, they are geared toward an adult audience. Now that she’s writing children’s books, Kara has decided to use her real name.
Kara lives in Baltimore with her husband, two children and two terrible dogs. She is a full-time author and mother.

Quick Five with Kara 

1. Hi Kara. You have been writing in different genres under the pen name Pavarti K Tyler but  this is the first time you’re writing for children, if I’m not wrong. Writing for children is of course very different from writing for a grown-up audience. Can you tell me about the transition ?

It’s definitely different, both in style and length. It’s been an interesting project and I’ve been having fun thinking about what I like in the books my children have read. It was important to me to include girls in a story where they can be heros and still be themselves. I liked thinking of ways to include some vocabulary that would be a little challenging for kids, but also fun for them to learn. The most exciting part though was working with illustrator Sarah Pacetti. Collaborating with an artist to help bring the book to life was a completely new and thrilling experience for me.

2. I read that The Adventures of Ninja and Bunny took shape from a conversation between your children. That’s quite interesting ! But how exactly did that happen ? 

Haha, yes, we were on a long road trip and the girls were embroiled in a conversation about fairy politics between good fairies and dark fairies and how the different kinds of fairies and mythical creatures (sidthe, nisse, selkies) fit into this elaborate world them imagined. I could imagine this world being so large and exciting and I wanted to give them the opportunity to really exist in that world they created, so I wrote them into it!

3. Marian loves to play make-believe. Have you too, as a child played make-believe ? Have you reflected upon your own childhood while writing this book set in a children’s world ? Don’t you think that every child is a storyteller or a writer in the making ? 

I actually didn’t do much of this kind of thing as a kid. I hated playing dolls and make believe and still struggle to get excited when my girls drag me into their worlds. I was always more introspective and prefered to do my pretending in my own mind, which is probably why I write books now!

4. When are the sequels to this book coming out ? I actually am looking forward to reading more of Ninja and Bunny ! 

Ninja and Bunny 2 is almost done and then it will go off to the illustrator. We’re hoping to have both books 2 and 3 out in 2016. There will be 6 books in all.

5. Now that you are into writing for children, what would you like to tell my readers who are interested in writing for children ? Any quick tips or learning experience you had while writing Ninja and Bunny ? 

A lot of the rules from writing longer novels don’t apply to picture books. The images tell a lot of the action and story, so I needed to focus on dialogue and story. It's definitely different and important to imagine what part of the story the images are going to tell vs. the words.

About Ninja and Bunny's Great Adventure !

A children’s tale of imagination and play, of love and loyalty, and of courage and determination. 
Marian loves playing make-believe, but what if her big sister Ruthie’s fairies have been real all along? What if Princess Isla is truly in trouble and needs their help?
Marian and Ruthie must visit Fairyland and transform into Ninja and Bunny! Will they be able to save the princess?
Find out in this tale of love, loyalty, and imagination.

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This post is in association with the Ninja & Bunny blog tour by Novel Publicity. Thanks to Kara S Tyler for taking out time from her busy schedule for this little interview. Special thanks to Niyati of Novel Publicity for arranging this interview. 

Watch out for my review of Ninja and Bunny's Great Adventure, coming up on the 13th of this month. But have you read the book already ? Tell me all about it ! 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Kara in an interview Priya!! I'm looking forward to your review!

    1. The review is coming up in a while. Thanks a lot for arranging this interview with Kara. :)

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me on your beautiful blog!

    1. The pleasure's all mine. Thanks a lot for your time. :)

  3. Very cool. Is the illustrator organised by the publisher?

    1. Yes, my publisher coordinated everything :)