Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bharat Babies on Priya's Lit Blog

It's another sunday and I have great news to share with you today. I am partnering with Bharat Babies to bring their wonderful books to you. I am delighted to be reading and reviewing their books right here and promoting diverse literature in my little way.

I'm sure most of the Indian parents living outside India often face trouble trying to teach their children about their roots with not many books available for early readers with no first-hand knowledge about India. And we all know why we need diverse books to grow up learning to accommodate and appreciate diversity. 

Bharat Babies is a publisher of diverse books inspired by India and introduces young readers to Indian culture in an age appropriate way.

I received a bundle of books from Bharat Babies last week and I'm excited to introduce you to these books in my future posts.

All that I would say for now is that I got the following books :

  1. Amal's Eid
  2. Padmini is Powerful
  3. Hanuman and the Orange Sun

Stay tuned to find out what I have to say about these books and more. 

Where to Find Bharat Babies 

Log on to to learn more about them and buy some books.

You can also become friends with them on social media :


  1. How exciting to hear about a new Indian publisher - I look forward to your future posts about their books. Thank you for sharing with #diversekidlit

    1. Hi Marjorie ! Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Glad to meet a fellow #diverselit lover. Your website is a treasure chest of diverse books and I'm bookmarking it to dive in on a weekend. :)