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LadooBook: Raising Multilingual Readers

Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review
Did you know that February 21 is celebrated as International Mother Language Day? The idea behind it is to promote awareness and acceptance of linguistic diversity and multilingualism, which I believe, is of prime relevance today. And I'm excited to introduce you to LadooBook, a brilliant venture to connect young readers with Indian culture and teach a little bit of Hindi.

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Before I share with you my thoughts on these books, the creators of LadooBook - Vaibhav and Ankita - will introduce you to Ladoo and his stories. 

About LadooBook

Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review
Story & Illustration: Vaibhav Malankar, Ankita Sagar
Genre: Picture Books, Early Readers 
Ladoo, our beloved dog, will happily guide your children through a colourful story that will help introduce them to the charms of daily Indian life.
We here at LadooBook strive to connect young children (0 to 4 years old) with Indian culture through our playful book series. The joyful rhymes and vibrant illustrations highlight events & moments that make every day "Desi" life fun and exciting!


I was able to read two books from the series - Ladoo & Farm Friends, and Ladoo & Pooja Day - and I loved them both for their simplicity, which I think is perfect for early readers. The stories are short and sweet, and are written from a third person narrative which makes you feel like you're listening to a child telling you about their pet. This must especially appeal very much to children reading these books on their own.

While Ladoo & Farm Friends gives a tour of the Indian farm, introducing the animals and their Hindi names, Ladoo & Pooja Day gives an insight into a tradition that is perhaps unique to the Indian context. The book familiarises the reader with the idea of Pooja through simple association with the familiar such as flowers, bells and sweets. 

Ladoo & Pooja Day | Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review

Ladoo & Pooja Day | Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review

Ladoo & Farm Friends | Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review

Ladoo & Farm Friends | Priya's Lit Blog: LadooBook -Multicultural Children's Book Review

Teaching children their native language or first language is something that multilingual families find difficult to manage, especially when they live in a society where different languages are spoken at home and school. Multilingualism is a valuable skill and it is important that parents and teachers do their best to help young learners learn to speak their native language just as well as their second language.

LadooBook simplifies this for speakers of Hindi living in English-speaking countries just like the creators of the book, Vaibhav and Ankita. When the child already knows a word in a language, it isn't very difficult to learn another word for the same, in a different language. In Ladoo & Farm Friends, this point is made use of by naming the animals what they are called in Hindi, such as Billee the cat, Gaay the cow and so on.

Since Hindi is spoken in countries other than India like Nepal, Fiji and Mauritius to name a few, these books need not be limited to the Indian readers. In fact, I think LadooBook offers a fun way to introduce the idea of linguistic and cultural diversity to all children. I would definitely recommend LadooBook as a great addition to the little one's bookshelf.

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Stay tuned for my interview with Vaibhav Malankar, one of the two creative minds behind LadooBook. Meanwhile, connect with me on Instagram to meet Siddu, my little friend.

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What do you think about LadooBook? Do you know of similar books for children that introduce linguistic diversity or multilingualism? Let me know in the comments!