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PLB Kids August Book Box: The Red Raincoat

The monsoons are here, and it's that time of the year when kids are asked to stay back indoors, for the fear of all the not-so-happy things that the rains could bring along. But staying indoors needn't be a gloomy affair, if you have the perfect books to read on a rainy day. 

Read on to learn about my new project - The PLB Kids book box!

I'm delighted to announce this project that has been under wraps for quite some time now - I'm going to be curating boxes containing children's books and related learning resources, all based on a theme every month. To begin with, the PLB Kids August box will contain the book The Red Raincoat from Pratham Books and four age-appropriate fun learning resources related to it, which is revealed below.

At this point, I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies on Instagram whose consistent support has helped me materialise what had been a dream project since quite some time. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had held a fun rep search campaign using the hashtag #PLBKids, where I asked mommies to share a little about themselves and their little ones, with a picture collage that best represents their parenting life. I loved the collages they shared and I have been sharing a few of my favourites over on my Facebook page HERE. The selected rep will receive the PLB Kids August book box plus some fun tasks to help me spread the word about this project.

The Book

Title: The Red Raincoat
Author : Kiran Kasturia
Illustrator : Zainab Tambawalla
Publisher: Pratham Books
Genre: Picture Books, Early Readers
Manu has a new raincoat. He can't wait to wear it, but the rain makes him wait... and wait... and wait.


The Red Raincoat is one of the many beautiful books from Pratham Books. Kiran Kasturia's book narrates a lovely little story that children will surely enjoy. The illustrations by Zainab Tambawalla, as you can see in the pictures here, are very lively and cover all the pages. The font size and text formatting is very child friendly and early readers must be able to read and understand this book on their own. I think this book is perfect to learn the days of the week and the weather, or more specifically the monsoons.

Additionally, this book, like most other books from Pratham Books, is available in some regional languages as well, which might be your child's first language. Remember, first language learning should never be forgotten, because it makes learning in general, easier. If you're wondering how, just take a quick look at this post where I discuss this in detail.

I would definitely recommend this book, which is why I have included it in the PLB Kids August book box. 


Included in the PLB Kids book box for the month of August, are the following:

1. The Red Raincoat - a picture book for early readers.
2. Rainy Cloud - DIY craft
3. Dancing Peacock - DIY craft
4. Colour Me! - activity
5. Weather Watch - activity

If you haven't guessed it yet, the theme for the PLB Kids August book box is 'Rain', and the book and resources included are designed to help learn about the season.

Children love crafting just as much as we do. The best proof for this is my niece Grace who loves to craft with her mom, and my sister, Angela. She loves to colour and she's surely following her mom's path. You can check out the DIY RAINBOW NURSERY WALL DECOR tutorial on The Crafty Angels to know what I'm talking about.


The two crafts included in the box can be done completely by children! All you need to do is help them with scissors if they're not ready to use them yet. To connect the cloud and the raindrops, you can use thin strips of paper with glue or you can punch holes and tie a thread through them, depending on the child's age. The peacock craft is the easiest - all you need to do is fold and stick with glue. These crafts are not just designed to be enjoyable, but also to enhance motor skills and colour-pattern recognition.

Activity Pages

  1. Colouring pages - Ask your child to colour the pictures before you cut out the squares.
  2. Vocabulary Flash cards - Once you have cut out the squares, use them as flashcards to teach them the related vocabulary. You can tell them the words and ask them to show the corresponding card or you can show them the cards and ask them to say the corresponding word.
  3. Memory Game - You can arrange few of the picture cards in a certain order, say frog-umbrella-clouds-boots and ask the child to put it back in the same order once you have rearranged it. This helps in pattern recognition and enhances memory skills.
  4. Learn the Days - You can use the same method to teach the days of the week. But just be careful not to get the child learn the wrong order. So instead of different patterns, just go for three or four different consecutive days, such as - sunday-monday-tuesday, tuesday-wednesday-thursday, etc.
  5. Weather Watch - Ask the child to record the daily weather by putting the corresponding picture card against each day. Different picture cards can be used for the same weather, for eg: frog, boots, umbrella, all correspond to rainy day.

These are just five different suggestions that I have. But children are very creative and so are parents who can think like their children! So you can surely use your creativity and come up with new games and activities using all that is included in the PLB Kids book box.

The results for the PLB Kids media rep search will be announced on the PLB Kids Instagram page @plbkids today. So be sure to follow and stay tuned.

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[All images source: personal photography, used with permission from the publisher. The book copies were were personally purchased and the review/feature is in no way biased in favour of the publisher.]

What did you think about this book? And what do you think about the PLB Kids box? Let me know everything in the comments!