Thursday, December 21, 2017

PLB Kids: The Fir Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm home for the holidays. But I haven't forgotten to put together a book box for the month. The book I've picked is 'The Fir Tree', and the theme is Christmas! Read on to find out all about the book and the resources I have created.

About the Book

Title: The Fir Tree
Publisher: Pegasus for Kids
Genre: Early readers, illustrated books
Christmas brings joy for everyone alike, even the Christmas tree waits for Christmas to be decorated and surrounded by gifts and people. In this book, kids will read about a fir tree who longed to become a Christmas tree. This story has been written in an easy language for the kids to read on their own and develop a reading habit.

Book Review

The Fir Tree is a story about a tree's longing to become a Christmas tree and disillusion after Christmas. As a reader described, the book tells "a nice but sad Christmas story". I liked the book for its rather unusual take on Christmas, and the larger picture of irony about all our festivities and celebrations.

As parents, we want only happy stories for our children because we want them to be happy. But in reality, the world is not a completely happy place at all times and sorrow is an inevitable part of human experience. If you think about it, many classic childrens stories such as The Little Matchstick Girl or The Railyway Children reflect feelings of sorrow, fear, pain and loss. Just like adults, children internalise the experiences of the characters in the stories they read and the lessons they learn may stay with them for a lifetime. Therefore, it is important that we look at books as valuable tools that can help children develop emotional intelligence and cope with the range of complex emotions that is part of human existence.

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PLB Kids Book Box: December

The December book box includes some fun and creative resources to keep children engaged in the holidays. My sister Angela from The Crafty Angels has joined me this time to create some Christmas craft kits for the boxes. If you have a little one at home, gift them the PLB kids book box for Christmas.

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What Christmas books are you reading? What crafts and activities are you trying out with your kids or students this Christmas season? Share them in the comments below and add your Christmas blog posts in the link up.

Wish you a very merry Christmas!